Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The weekend of stairs

We now have a landing before our front door. No more climbing into the front door up rickety stairs! Woo! Treated wood, just a small 6 SF landing with the previous (log) stairs reinforced. No huge rises, no wobble. Very nice.

We also now have basement stairs! They're very sturdily constructed; 3 stringers, less steep than the upper stairs and far, far less wiggly. (We plan to replace the upstairs guys... what we've got now was only supposed to be construction stairs.)

I also got a PA portrait up. And 9 EMG entries, and still going. Got art time, no less! Worked on the DWB logo for a while, and LIKE it now. It's about ready for ink.

Had Jewish-Syrian food with mom and dad and Becca. Jake loved it. I rather liked it.

Tonight we had home-baked mac and cheese. I love having an oven again. We unpacked some of our kitchen pans from the connex box and put them away in the base cabinets. A kitchen! I have most of a kitchen again!

Off to put up more entries. Past time to get that site put together.


Varli adoption print and stickers
Update PA xl sheet w/ new certificates
UG mousepad
CB order
CBs for Victoria
Fair orders
Two EMG entries
Two PA entries - 1 down...

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