Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Now that my router problems are solved, I will hopefully refrain from spamming your friendslist with my whines for computer help. :) Though if you have good anti-ad program advice, I'm listening. I plan to install AdAware shortly. I have opted to wait on the tablet until after I at LEAST get the webpage all finished up, 'cause I'm weak and would want to play with it.

In other news, I am late with horoscopes again! Must try to get those done today... T'would be nice to get some articles written, but time is tight, and I would rather get the EMG site worked on. Have some pricing stuff I need to do for PA, too.

Last night, I played Masters of Orion. Lost horribly, but it was really fun and wonderful to unwind for a while. Haven't played a computer game since... about Christmas, I think. A long time, at any rate.

Opened up the Commission Printing Service at PA. Members only for now, so there's another reason for you to join, if you haven't. :)

Tonight I have to go be social, but I'm starting to get the art itch. It's been days. Weeks, even... Oh well, it should be fun anyway...

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