Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Rargh... (more mining of you folks in the know...)

I'm having Issues, and it occurs to me that they may be inter-related.

A) FTP keeps hosing up. This is the second program that will start a transfer and then decide it doesn't like the transfer. It craps out at either 2650 b or 0. Moving around in folders works great at first, but after trying to transfer, it tends to freeze up. Also hoses up with deleting.

B) Squirrelmail is being a bastard. Took Forfrickingever to log in, and when I try to send messages, it times out. Worked fine yesterday on this machine with this router.

C) Yahoo mail. Supposedly I'm logged in (after a bazillion tries), but I cannot get to my inbox. It feels highly suspect that both my emails are behaving so poorly at the same time.

All Fixored! One teensy setting on the router setup...

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