Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Quick laptop question

Got a quote on the machine I'd like, and wanted to poll my wise LJ friends resource before I plunked down the cash.

It's admitedly more machine that I strictly need, but I'm looking ahead and don't want to try to add more to something. Particularly a laptop.

17" (I don't think I'll budge on that, and that's going to set a lot of my pricing, I'm sure...) SVGA Active TFT Matrix Color Display

Pentium IV, 2.8 GHz

512MB DDR Memory

AGP Video Chipset Intel 82865G Extreme Graphics

80 Gig Hard drive (the next model down came with only 40, upgradable to 60 for $60, upgradeable to 80 for $300 or something ridiculous, which just about put the two laptops in the same pricerange... and I NEED harddrive space.)

DVD-rom, CD-RW

Wireless ethernet

Norton Anti-virus, Windows XP-pro

Other standard stuff that doesn't much matter (speakers, soundcard, MP3 player)

Weight ~11.5 lbs.

Is $1699 a reasonable price? Any warnings, etc?
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