Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I can buy milk by the gallon!!!

No really, I can buy milk by the gallon now! We have a Real, Larger-than-life Refrigerator!! No more cramming leftovers into the dorm fridge that has served us for more than two years now. No more taking the sodas and beer out because it's more important to keep food cold than beverages. No more sighing over food in the grocery store that I'd like to buy but don't have space for. Watermelons! I can buy watermelons again!

It's installed and plugged in and the base is built and everything! *glee*

Also, we bought a food processor/blender unit and have been making fresh salsa for breakfast. Mmm...

The floor base for our cabinets is complete, and the 1 x 4s for hanging the upper cabinets are bevel-cut. We may have a real kitchen, with a real drain into the real septic and real counters and real cabinets and everything by the end of next weekend.

In the meantime, I can buy milk by the gallon.

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