Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Oh good grief... this is the worst the smoke has been yet... my whole head is pounding, and breathing is a bit of a struggle. UGH. Glad Jennie escaped when she did.

Edit: No worries that fire is bearing down over the hills at us, btw... the wind has just been in exactly the wrong direction and now there's an inversion that sucks all the smoke down onto us and holds it here. The fires (lots of them) are plenty far away and fairly contained, it's just ghastly-smoky. If you're interested in seeing: http://geomac.usgs.gov/index.html# Click on map wildfire, then 'zoom to Alaska.' Fairbanks is in the middle of the state, and you can click on 'show cities' or 'show cities and towns' over in the right hand menu to see where stuff is. The MODIS Thermal Sattellite is awesome, too, the red stuff shows current fires, orange is older, and black is more than a day old. (You have to click on Refresh Map to get the things to show)
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