Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm sort of back...

I drove Jennie to the airport this morning, which was very, very sad, but we agreed that it's likely the last time I shall have to do that, which is very, very good. I am mailing her a crowbar to use on Ryan.

The fair went very well. It was a weird one, all of the vendors agree, but it was good for us.

I'm terribly behind on everything. I go back to work tomorrow, so I have to get email answered today and work on the webpage. The coding for the webpage is basically done... today is largely going to be spent re-entering items. Yay. It really shouldn't be that bad. Really. But I'm known for being overly optimistic, so let's see how it goes.

Jennie and I did take two days off, Tuesday and yesterday. We drove out to Chena Hot Springs and lugged art stuff to a yurt. We soaked, and ate, and soaked and arted and napped and soaked and arted and ate... It was heaven. Though I'm honestly very un-impressed with the CHS management. They have ceased to include a swim pass with yurt rentals, and towel service is now $5.00. And yet, with all of this money that they are saving, still they cannot manage to afford $1.79 for a bathroom stall slider that has been missing for two years, nor can they manage to install towel hooks in the shower room. I plan to go buy some of each and mail them to CHS with a nice-scathing note.

I'm off to check my yahoo mail, which I have not even looked at in at least two weeks. (Scary!) And then start entering EMG stuff. I came back from dropping Jennie off and slept another few hours, which I desperately needed, but now my day is somewhat gone. Off I go!

Now must work.

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