Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Man, painting ceilings is hard on the arms and shoulders. Ow. About 1/4 done.

And this is me being subtle:

I need pirate line-art!!!

Yeah, that means you. You know who you are! You've got great pirate line-art lying around unused. You've got a spare hour or two to spend on art. You've got an inkling of an idea. You need money.

There is a deadline, since folks seem to get all motivated and moving when there's a deadline, and that deadline is SOON. Like Friday, soon.

If you need general submission details, go here: http://guidelines.ellenmilliongraphics.com

If you need a swift kick in the rear, I can oblige.

Bring on the pirates!

I'm also seeking dark fantasy/gothic-type stuff, but not quite so urgently. I want to have pirates to press on Saturday. If I can do both, and Victoria's fairies, on Saturday, I will be one happy camper.

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