Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Bohemian Cats

I got my Bohemian Cats Tarot in the mail yesterday! *glee*

Gorgeous work... the packaging was absolutely stunning, the book is excellent, and the cards themselves have a nice feel. Jake thought they were a little flimsy, but I thought they shuffled very well, and with tarot cards, as many as there are in the deck, I thought that if they were much stiffer or thicker, I wouldn't be able to shuffle them all at once. And I have long hands. It's a good compromise, I think, and the color and detail is phenomenal. If you're looking for a whimsical deck like no other, I recommend it.

I'm too practical to be much into reading tarot or other superstitions and such, but I love the art of tarot, and learned to read them a long time ago. I'm not going to say I have special powers or am in tune with the occult, but I'll confess that sometimes there are things you can't explain, and folks usually had some 'wows' for my readings (admittedly, they were a suggestible bunch). I tend to put them into the same category as my horoscopes... sometimes I'm right on and it's pretty eerie, but more often than not, it's just vague and possible and people can find whatever they're looking for.

I did a general reading for Jake, and because it's been so long since I did a spread (years, literally), I had to look up each card. My rather worn-out Robin Wood tarot was familiar enough that the image jogged the memory of the meanings, but I didn't have much to go on here. The book has a great short-meaning blurb that makes it pretty fast, and a much longer, more in-depth meaning for further study.

I had Jake draw his indicator card, and it wasn't much of a surprise that he got The Sun. He's very much a sun figure. I did a Celtic Cross, and got a fairly muddy reading with only one major arcana and lots of warnings about resisting temptation.

I want to do another tonight for myself with more time to study and less 'oh geez, here I am in the spotlight taking brand new unfamiliar cards for a test read and I have to look up every single meaning...'

If anyone would like a reading, I'd be very happy to do one for them tonight. :)

Not much other news, though I had a funny story I wanted to write down and now I can't remember it... rats.

I think something's wrong with my art gland. I didn't feel like drawing at all last Sunday, and haven't touched a sketchbook since the Sunday before. In usual times, this would mean Ellen has a miserable illness of some kind, but I feel great. No restless urge to chew on someone 'til I get drawing time or anything. Maybe the writing I've done this week is making up for it. Weird.

Need to tackle some new articles soon. And/or finish up some.

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