Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

From ciri

1) What genre do you typically write in?
Fantasy. Romantic fantasy. But not romanticized fantasy. By which I mean, romance and emotional angst out the yin yang, but not in magic-solves-everything settings with charismatic bondmammals. I prefer gritty, logical worlds.

2) Is it the same genre you most often read?
Actually, I have a slight preference for science fiction. Goes back to the love of logic and grit, probably.

3) Which genre is hardest for you to write? Why?
Action, but that's not a genre. My writing time is pretty limited, so I don't bother with genres that I'm not pulled to write.

4) What person do you typically write in?
Third limited.

5) Which is hardest? Why?
Third Omniscient. Because it's the most difficult to justify and keep consisitant. If you're seeing something from one person's eyes, you *shouldn't* know what the other person is thinking.

6) Name one really important book you think everyone should read.

1984. Seriously.
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