Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


No self-discipline yesterday. Zippo. Zero. Instead of working on EMG after I got off, I took my brain-dead self home and did... nothing! Well, okay, I finished a story for Kadanzer, but in terms of being productive and useful, NOTHING!

I feel about 3% guilty, 17% tired and 80% nyeener. I can take an afternoon off once in a gray while, right?

Okay, maybe 80% guilty, 3% nyeener.

Email's behaving even worse today. As in, not at all right now. I'm about to write dreamhost a semi-nasty letter. I *need* to be able to access my email reliably to interact with my customers! *growl*

Okay, finished all my day job work already, off to either write fluffy Kaz stuff, code in Fragile, or build a Digger page. Dunno which yet.
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