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Tuesday! And the rest of the week I have afternoons off (much to the dismay of the new Chief Architect), I work Monday, and then I have nearly THREE weeks off! And Jennie's coming up! I'm so excited. :) I'm SO looking forward to it.

We hung the basement door last night, but didn't get the stairs up. Everything takes longer than we think, of course. Still, we have a basement door! I forgot to take photos before we put the door in, but did take some photos last night afterwards. I'll post 'em when I get a moment or six. Next year sometime.

I wrote yesterday, a short, moody piece for Kaz, and made my muse behave long enough to actually finish it. Just 1500 words, but I think they're 1500 pretty good words. I am resisting my inevitable temptation to edit it into the ground. I have a bad, bad habit of over-editing and losing that loose, spontaneous, non-contrived feel to things.

Gave me an enormous sense of accomplishment, even if I do still have a billion and six things to do. Still haven't gotten digger.emg up, which I REALLY wanted to do before last weekend. Should be able to do so during my afternoons off this week. Yay. Maybe even tonight? Perhaps...

(It's less guilt-promoting to work on frivolous stories and nonsense than on EMG at the day job... moderately, anyway.)

I'm getting more excited about the art yurts prospect, too. We've decided that the house we're working on now will be the central building. The downstairs will become an art room with some easels, a ratty old couch in front of the woodstove (our loveseat is quickly becoming a ratty old couch, so that's probably what will be there), and the L of the kitchen for art cleanup and resident food. Upstairs will be the computer room, with EMG's printer setup, and workstations for the heat press and scanners and all that stuff. Bathroom will be the bathroom, of course, and the master bedroom... well, that could be Jennie's home, but it's a little small for her and Ryan, so I'm thinking that could be the EMG locked office for sensitive documents, the truly expensive equipment and storage, and a private spot for me.

Woops, time to get moving!

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