Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

behind and house stuff

I did get graphics for five pieces I wanted to put up on Friday, but did not get them posted. Rats! I did slog through all but one email (required some stuff I didn't have). It feels very counterproductive to spend an ENTIRE day answering emails, but it had to be done.

Behind w/ PA. And everything else! Except orders, I'm caught up on orders. Well, one came in yesterday, and I've got a smallish print order to get out, but other than that!

Email is starting to piss me off... it's timing out and hanging up waaay too much. I haven't been able to get into it at all in about an hour, and there is no status-announcement at my control panel. Rargh.

Sheet rock is hung! And we've got a guy coming tomorrow to mud and tape! We might be ready to paint the floors and move downstairs by next weekend so we can finish the upstairs! We're buying a door at lunch today and installing it tonight so that the cat can't get down to the basement (loose, pea gravel floor will feel waaay too much like a Great Big Litter Box) and we've got the basement stairs ready to assemble. So exciting!

Then it's shower/toilet making time. Sometimes, I think we're actually going to finish this thing.

The downstairs looks very, very different with sheetrock. Very different. More like a house and less like a... a... mutated marshmellow? It's so much more restful on the eyes to have a solid field... it's been disturbing, with too much ugliness and construction 'mess' to look at. Now, it's all open and clean and uncluttered looking. I love it.

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