Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*dies a little*

Okay! Contractor coming on Friday. Hope to get tomorrow (after meeting) and Friday off, 'cause I gotta fill orders in a bad way, and we have to work every night on the house to have it ready for sheetrocking.

I got the prettiest hairsticks in the mail today! Beautiful! Probably my new favorites. :) Thank you, Whitney and Ron!

The Fall is up at Kadanzer. Members only, 'cause of the whole Pern fanfiction restrictions stuff. (Not that I wouldn't email some stories to interested parties, but it probably wouldn't be a great read if you aren't a little familiar with the characters anyway...)

Dark transfer paper is in, all $139 worth. If I get tomorrow off, I'm making t-shirts out the wazzoo. If not... I'll probably gripe a lot. I seem to have been in a whiny mood lately and that leads to griping.

Hungry, time for food.

Back feels marginally better. Marginally. The rest of my muscles are complaining to make up for it.

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