Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Long day.


Long day.

For every email I get answered, another one comes in.

ARGH! My perfect no-refunds-ever-issued record was broken today. The prints just weren't close enough in color. She was fairly apologetic; it was a rush order, we didn't have time to do a calibration, and she could only supply a jpg. She also said to call it a temporary refund, since she'd be back. But still... my perfect record! I suppose more than ten years of no refunds ever is not too bad.

Head hurts a bit, back hurts a lot. Feeling whiny, and I shouldn't be, cause I have lots to be grateful for. Might need to be adjusted.

Thanks again for all the input yesterday... I agree with all the points made, and appreciate them! It's already submitted (squeaked in not 10 minutes before the deadline, since I can't apparently figure out time zones...).

Argh! Gotta go...

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