Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Doh! And dots and thanks and stuff...

crap. (Which was not at all the first word that came to mind...) The Dragon*Con ad deadline of today was the *check* in hand deadline. They don't take on-line payments. Serves me right for not checking that out earlier. No program ad for me! Whelp, that frees up some advertising budget! Shall look for a good place to re-direct it. Add this to my list of dumb things done this week. Which is rather longer than usual...

Anyway, we gots dots.

First off though, thanks to you folks who have been commenting. I have grand plans to go back and comment back, 'cause don't we all adore the commenting and the counter-commenting and sharing the love and all, but in the meantime, you've been so helpful! Don't think I don't treasure your input... I go back and read 'em over and over as I'm thinking these things through.

Now you get art.

Now my rationale for making this my Epilogue entry is that it's dots, which you won't see much of, it's got sort of a classic look (draped cloth, big clouds), it's got nudity (a staple of fantasy art, let's be honest), and I think it's a strong, balanced composition. On the downside, I'm not sure how much I like it. That may have something to do with the fact that my fingers and wrists are going OW OW OW and I know I still ought to darken up those mountains a bit. I'm not convinced with her anatomy... she was supposed to be turning into/merging out of the mountain, but I got carried away with the drapery, so I'm not sure it works anymore...

Whatcha think?

I was sort of leaning towards Key of Renewal (wow, I didn't think folks would like that one so much... it didn't even place in the contest it was done for, and I made the cardinal mistake of mixing dot sizes. NEVER mix dot sizes when you stipple... it turns out muddy-looking) and Bad Snowy instead of this one, but Bad Snowy just doesn't have the Mad SkillZ that I think would result in more than just flipping past it saying 'cute.' So I'm thinking this one and Key of Renewal. They're definitely 'me,' and unique. And if they have a quota of black and white pieces to fill, I think I have a good chance of getting one of them in. (Might be my only chance... I'm sure most of the entries are out of my league and full impressive, memorable color.)

I tend to chatter when I'm nervous... and me, I am nervous. I'm so much better at selling other folks' art. I can prattle at customers about Ursula's colors or Jennie's dip pen technique until their eyes glaze over, but we start talking about my art and I get all stammery and yeah and um and oh thanks, aren't you nice.

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