Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stuff to do and splinters

I feel like I should be further along than I am.

I'm good, I know I'm good, but I should be better.

Business is growing, it is, but it ought to be bigger, better, paying artists more.

I should have a book out by now.

I should be finished with the house by now.

Slacking! I must be slacking!

Tonight: finish piece for Masters of Fantasy, submit. (before 12 pm ET, I think...) Orders: 4. Digger and Sock Puppet t-shirts. (To mail tonight?? T'would be ideal, but I'd have to lug out my heat press... probably will press and go out tomorrow) Set up Digger t-shirt order page. RESERVE DRAGON*CON AD SPACE!!! UGH!

Today: Web-adopt shopping cart codes. ASAP. Also, send a note to my current artists list reminding them to get their print files into me 'cause I plan mad web updates early in August. Get two new artists set up at PA and get them permissioned appropriately at the forums.

Hey writer-folks: check out this anthology call from Two Cranes Press: http://www.jasonlundberg.net/twocranes/

Of course, I plan to submit, so I suspect I've just garnered myself more competition than I can take on, but oh well. :P

Also, nearly all of my motherlode of hairsticks has migrated from the office (where I think to put them in) to my house (where I take them out). Must bring in a fistful of them tomorrow.

Also, I have a splinter very deep in the heel of my foot. It's been there for several days, too deep to go digging for, and it's starting to give me trouble.

Also, my back feels marginally better today.

These very important public service announcements brought to you by the letter Q and the number 6.

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