Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Saw an owl this morning. (Thought Victoria particularly would like this story...)

I was turning at a quiet intersection, keeping one beady eye on the man who was walking along the road I was turning to. (You never know when pedestrians are going to decide the middle of the road is the best place for walking in that neighborhood)

A great horned swooped right in front of the car, behind the man. I love the way they fly, super silent, and this guy was HUGE. I slowed down to about half a mile an hour and ogled after it. It was out of sight quickly, and the man, who was facing away during the flight, probably thought I was some kind of freak, staring through the window and driving stalker-slow. I rolled down my window and told him what I'd seen. Friendly guy. Cool owl. Very BIG.

Worked some last night on the piece for Masters Of... Dunno if I can possibly get it finished (damn me and my ambitious dot projects), but it's going to be a sweet piece no matter what. Should decide on back up pieces pronto.

Much to do!

(Back is mostly better today. Took copious drugs last night and iced like a good girl.)

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