Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Had terrible trouble getting up this morning, and I'm not sure why. Got plenty of sleep, no disturbing dreams, just wasn't ready to get up.

I got aaaaart time yesterday!! I went gaming, despite the house. (Tom leaves the first of August, Karen shortly after, so this is really the last month *cries*, house be damned) And I drew and drew and ate junk food and came home and drew and drew and drew.

I half-planned to work on stippling for a piece I'd like to enter into the masters of fantasy etc. contest at Epilogue, but instead, I worked on a PA piece for a submitted description. And I *like* it. Can see that it still needs more work, and I was FOOL for working so large, but it's a strong piece. Hopefully the good folks at the PA forums can point out more things to fix. (Danielle! I'll see what I can do about your login... it TELLS me that you're there, so I'm kinda puzzled.)

Will be working on EMG orders tonight... have a big Con box that needs to go out and I need t-shirts and mousepads galore. I need to print up some bookmarks, too. I think I'm probably set on large prints, except for two designs. Also have a print services order to get out and some regular orders... mostly cards. MUST reserve Dragon*Con ad space this week.

Email is being STUPID and SLOW and crash-y and I've got about a gazillion emails to answer.

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