Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Was fairly AWOL from the Internet over the weekend, and EMG, too, alas. Particularly considering I don't have a day off until Friday (WHOLE day, dammit) and I've got to pay artists.

Did accomplish much on the house. Spray foamed windows and doors and 3 new vents, re-sealed vapor barrior around vent penetrations. Tremco-ed and sealed all electrical and light fixture boxes (very laborious!), cleaned up all the rims and framed in a new wall. Also completed the venting plumbing in the wet wall.

We worked until 10 Sunday night and then grilled steaks and had potato salad with cilantro and buttered green beans. Very delicious dinner. Leftovers the next day.

Ack! Horoscopes. Must discover monthly theme and get cracking.

I think I may be finished with that monstrous Kaz story. Whit took an older version (before I hacked everything out) and edited it into something redeemable. I just want to do a little more at the very end, and it's FINISHED. After about six full versions and several outlines and a LOT of editing. If it doesn't make people bawl, I'll be really surprised. Bring kleenex.

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