Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I want to stare at the sun...

It's brilliant orange, but at least you can see it again.

So I'm thinking to myself, lessee, it's the 2nd of July, I guess I missed the voice casting call for Wish3, which I sort of expected to since I don't know where my microphone is, and anyway, I have zippo time to spare. Deadline for the DragonCon ad is the 15th, deadline for the Masters of yada yada at Epilogue is the 15th, guess I should start getting that all together right away. Got lots of orders done last night, still need to get horoscopes in...

July 2.

Juuuuuly 2.

I gotta pay artists!!!!!

Well, it's a good thing I have the afternoon off. Wish I'd remembered that I had to do that *before* I put in $300 worth of paper and packaging orders last night...

Speaking of which, I went over to Bill and Jim yesterday on my way out and said "You going to have work for me tomorrow morning?" "Oh yes," was the answer. "We need you very badly! Big project going out, we'll have redlines for you to get started on Right Away." (They had already agreed to the afternoon off, but they had waffled about the morning.)

Guess who's been at work for 30 minutes with no sign of redlines?

I love these folks dearly, but would they PLEASE get their act together.

Whelp, maybe I can get some new designs up... it's been too long.

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