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Spent too long cuddling with Jake and pressing snooze this morning. Getting up first and making coffee and breakfast is a thankless, cold job and simply doesn't have a chance compared to warm husband, flannel sheets and lump of cat.

Had a very odd, physchologically-explainable dream in the early morning. Got a story back with nasty reviews in bold text all the way through, and spent a very long time trying to read it and getting dizzy as my vision went in and out of focus and began to fade entirely. *sigh* Two of my biggest phobias, I think, and I'm waiting on some story reviews right now. (Lots of them, actually...) Didn't seem to affect my actual sleep, though, and I feel remarkably well rested.

Velcro rambles below.

Velcro is the most awesome cat! The cat my family had growing up was something of a dud as a pet. K.C. (short for Kitty Cat... I am NOT guilty of naming her) was a great hunter, but absolutely scorned human affection, and didn't want to play, and didn't want anything from her humans other than food and picking up squirrel tails after her. Macs... well, I adored Macs, and he was affectionate and wonderful, and I'll never say anything bad about him... except that he would *never* shut up.

Velcro is younger, and more playful, and sweeter, and quieter, and she's just FUN. She gets madness like nobody's business, and attacks feet and anything that moves. If I'd had a video camera, I'd have won America's Funniest home Videos hands down. I got this mylar heart balloon for Jake for Valentines Day, and that was the best $1.99 I've ever spent. The cat *loved* the balloon, and would leap up and catch the string, then drag the balloon all around the house and play with it. She can *jump*. Very athletic cat.

Terribly glad that I got her... she's a gem of a cat, and cuddly, and affectionate, and has a really great rumbly purr.

Random trivia for those who have commented on her enormous feet (http://www.ellenmilliongraphics.com/velcromadsm.jpg ): Fairbanks has one of the largest (per capita) population of polydactyl cats in the world, as I understand. Has to do with limited breeding stock... cats can't just wander in from the nearest city or town, indeed, feral cats have a very low life expectancy. Too many natural predators (fox, owl, bear, lynx, sleddogs), and too cold a winter.

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