Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Art and ow and can't stop moving...

Feeling a bit low about my artwork these days. Worked feverishly on a piece for portrait adoption, liked it, Jake rightly pointed out that she looked all out of balance, so I erased huge swaths of it, tried to draw in about seventeen different figures for the decent face, failed miserably, wrote a poem about the failure, went back in and turned it into a mermaid drawing, which I still mostly like (and mermaids are a great excuse for frilly, frivolous fins and whirly hair and ignoring things like gravity and hips), but it's still not RIGHT, and I know I haven't got the color skills to pull off the lighting I put in.

Sketched another piece for PA that turned out like subgrade kindergarten work.

And, as my art time totaled about two hours for all of last week, that's what I got.

I couldn't give my originals away on eBay. Sheeeeesh...

Must shake art funk! And I did get a portrait adopted this weekend, with a mousepad add-on, no less. :)

Tonight, I go soak in the tubs at the pool for a while to ease my bruises and all those poor over-worked muscles (no back spasms, thank heavens!), then I've got some t-shirts and mousepads and prints to make, then I go home, do dishes, and try to sleep in the muggy, smoky heat. No work on the house tonight... Jake's calling contractors about scheduling sheetrock installation *crosses fingers* and I can't move without limping. We pushed hard this weekend, and we'll be back at it again tomorrow.

I have Jennie's plane tickets, yay!

Okay, time to go. Woo.

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