Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Thursday Business Blather

I'm much less likely to go postal on my day job today. We got 9 rows of ceiling planking up last night, and we're about 1/3rd done. We're getting steadily faster, too. Big learning curve on this one. And OH, my arms hurt. Back hurts a bit, too, and I really ought to be icing it. Tonight, we're going to do some production cutting and I've got to do dishes and clean up a bit, and tomorrow we'll put more up. We also selected the paneling for the studio, so that's a big step, too. It's lovely rustic cedar stuff, and I think that the studio is going to look GREAT.

Also did the ditch-the-day-job talk with Jake. Which I'll admit, scared the snot out of me because I was terribly afraid that taking a close look at our finances would put the brakes on that idea entirely, forever. I've got engineering school debts and so does he, and the house, and the truck (though we've already paid off a BIG chunk of that!) and we've made reservations for the superskookum late-honeymoon/vacation this Christmas and we took three weeks off to drive to Idaho, and I'll be taking three weeks off in August for the fair and Jennie's visit.

All that, though, and it's looking like I can cut back to half-time after January (and 'leach' benefits for another year), cut some hours out between now and then, and I will have a chance to try to make some dough with my own art and writing and business. The end of 2005 looks very do-able for getting rid of the job entirely! Yay! All that while having a comfortable budget, not a top ramen budget, with enough flow to overpay on the worst of the debts and save for modest vacations.

Of course, it's been something of a blow to my art-ego that I've gotten no bids on my poor eBay auctions, so I'm definitely thinking that I've got to beef up on the printing/business side of things and not rely on doing well with my own independent work. Maybe the writing end of things will be a little more positive. And there are some small press 'zines I know who would trade (even) my art in exchange for adspace. :P Maybe I'd have time for an art class or two.

Hey! I need some beta readers. So, please, if you've got a good critical eye and a few extra minutes, I'd like to throw a story or two at you for review. They're shorts, so we're not talking a 300 page novel or anything.

Okay, enough blather outta me.

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