Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday... another monday...

Jake left early this morning for a three day trip to the North Slope for his road project. :(

On my way off this morning, I managed to yank off the doorknob. Gorilla Ellen! I guess it had just gotten unscrewed, so I took a few moments and put it back together again.

Have easily the most unusual print request yet. Not sure if I'll be able to fill it... I'm shopping around for suppliers. I'll have to ask a few more questions about it, too.

Working on a PA press release.

Tonight, Mom and Dad are coming over and we're installing the office ceiling. We were going to install this while Matt and Nicki were here, but they got busy and couldn't do a lot of work before they left, so the ceiling parts have been clogging up the first floor something fierce ever since then. The nice thing is that I have finally, finally talked Jake into the acceptability of fake wood paneling as a temporary be-done solution to siding the upstairs. That only takes a few hours to install (as opposed to many days), so we're really close to having the upstairs finished. *thrill*

We spent much of the weekend setting up the ceiling job and cleaning like crazy. Not so much soap-and-water cleaning, but weed-out-everything-non-essential cleaning. Took about a dozen trips up to the connex box... things like the snowshoes and winter clothing and the blender and the waffle iron and other stuff we don't really *need* right now. We're getting back into 'finish the house' mode and less in 'live in the house' mode. Means less art time, but still, YAY.

And I did squeeze some art in last night! I even watched StarGate! And worked, of course, both days this weekend.

The piece I worked on was for PA, and I'm pretty happy with it. I sketched onto watercolor paper, and there's at least a chance I'll actually get it finished. In color! This year! I need to fix her shoulder problem before I add color or ink... and I'm trying to decide whether or not to ink at all. I'm pretty chicken about that whole watercolors over pencils thing.

Enough blather. Things to do...

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