Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Dots. Money. Bank. Truck. Debt. Art..

Please work, they beg me.

We need your help, they say, and I feel bad, because I feel sorry for their plight and the load on my equally frazzled co-workers. And even half my attention is a help to them. And they are so good to me when I need the time. I'm taking 9 weeks off this year, plus my various half-days off. It probably equals out to working the parttime hours I am supposed to be.

I think I'm trying to justify something to myself.

Like going in to work tomorrow. It's not like it would have been a wind-down day... I'd planned on working on the house.

The reunion was fine and kinda fun. I hardly recognized most of those people, and had few memories to share with them, but they were good, cheerful, friendly people who honestly did their best to see that everyone was having a good time. I have that tired after-social feeling.

My eyes are tired, and I'm feeling like I need some time to give a good think to the direction of EMG. Two or three people this week, completely separate from the reunion, asked if I was close to quitting my day job and doing business fulltime. I talked to my dad tonight about what I've been doing lately, business wise, and how business has been in general. ISBNS. Books. Art. Prints. Portrait Adoption. The Custom Calendars. Wayward EMG responsibilities that I really, really want to get caught up on. New projects. Maybe even my own art.









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