Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm okay, you're okay, and hey, what's that green thing?

So there was a 'midyear evaluation of your business art goals' thread on Wetcanvas (which I occasionally browse to while eating [fingerprints on products baaaad!]) and it got me going.

Portrait Adoption. Launched in February, and while it is too soon to call it a 'roaring success,' I am definitely pleased. Very pleased. Lots of gold stars for this one! Even if I only get half points 'cause Jennie's done a lion's share of it.

RWH Tarot. I suck I suck I suck I suck... This is on my list of goals to complete in time to make them 'Christmas presents.'

Speaking of... mailing Christmas presents. Oh, the ways in which I suck.

Ebay. I wanted to get established on the very trendy eBay and sell some prints and possibly originals. Sold one print, which does not qualify for considering this a goal accomplished.

New artists/art at EMG. Woot! Here, we have some more success. I've added about 50 designs since Christmas. I have about 50 artists queued up and various stages of being added to EMG. I have hundreds, literally, of fabulous new designs to put up. The site has been tweaked, improved, tweaked, fixed, updated and tweaked about a zillion times. My html/coding skills have improved vastly.

Art. I really, really, really wanted to manage a finished piece a week, but that really, really, really didn't happen. I have, however, done about a dozen pieces that I do like. Including the cover for the Woodworks Anthology, which I don't hate and am itching to show off. (Be strong, Ellen!) I also wanted to finish up two old logo commissions, but didn't. I did squeeze in a rush-logo for a local guy in exchange for a pair of flexon glasses. I have to go take photos... my art is on a lighted sign!! Yay!

Ads. Wanted to do more, but am holding off most of it for the third quarter pre-Christmas crowd. Must get ad in to Dragon*Con's program!

Dragon*Con. Not happening. Should have gone for second best and mailed some art in, but, eh... I should check and see what I can still mail in to.

I printed the first three volumes of Wish3! Boy, *that* was a learning experience. *whew*

The printing service end of EMG just about tripled in yearly sales for the first half year alone.

Um. If I didn't think those were enough goals, I should've.

Overall, I get a cookie. And I can go watch Shakespeare in the park tonight without a shred of guilt!!

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