Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ISBNs and new work.

New work up at EMG and more (I hope) to come. Work is being... work.


$8/ ISBN if I purchase 100. (A ridiculous $22.50 if I buy only 10) Barcodes seem to run about $10 and can be purchased individually. Heck of an investment.

Would I *use* 100 ISBNs? Not if I don't do some serious publishing. I anticipate a chapbook or two a year, and two or three coloring books. Would an ISBN made any difference? I could stick 'em on my stuff and sell them at Amazon.com if I wanted to sign up as a power seller. ($60 for 3 months and I'd probably then let the account expire) Would umph my image as a publisher, but that's not exactly the direction I was aiming. Books and coloring books and such are just a sideline to the art products stuff I do.

Much food for thought.

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