Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The day began in fog...

And not just my usual pre-coffee fog. It was gorgeous; the valley was filled with clouds and capped in sunshine.

It was a seriously productive day. The Internet went out (fiber cable between us and the rest of the world washed out) so I took advantage of the fact that Bill was out and made web graphics between drafting sheets. Baaaaad Ellen. I made the graphics for 37 new designs, everything I had recently downloaded and not cleaned off the harddrive. And some of the graphics were pretty complex sets, too. I have to doublecheck the names on some of the files, since I couldn't access the contracts file to look up who did what. And I have mushy brains in my advanced age. :P

Had a wonderful lunch with Jake on the lawn by the courthouse downtown. It must have been over 80, sunny, a little breezy.

Tomorrow, I'll probably put up some of those designs I worked on. If I have time. They're all out of order, but hopefully no one will care. (Would people? Are they going to get all offended and think I'm playing favorites? Ugh. Not willing to delay overall just to put things in order. So far behind! Must push forward! End fragmented digression.)

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