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What I really Want

I want to open an artists 'colony'. Just 3 or 5 cabins, and a big, sunny, shared studio. Cheap rent, just to cover taxes and bills, and a whole lot of common equipment and shared space and dreams. Plenty of space, so that everyone can be as private or social as they like.

Thats's not what I really want, though.

I really want the kind of world to exist where I don't have to realize that this has a high probability of being the kind of deal where I would get taken advantage of, and people wouldn't get along and the equipment would be abused at best, and stolen at worst, and our privacy would be ruined, and the dream would be soured, and I would regret the time and effort I put into it.

I want the kind of world where people are... nice. And careful of others, and honest. And understand social responsibility. I want the kind of world where I don't wonder if what I see of a person is really what they are, and I can trust them at once, with everything, without wondering if I am only giving them tools towards my own destruction. I would like to live in a world where everyone is honestly working towards the same goals.

That's what I really want.
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