Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Back at work slacking off.

Writing horoscopes for Woodworks. Can't remember June's theme and the webpage won't load for me. Hmph.

Turned 28 while away on vacation and no one remembered except Jake and his family. Heh. I got my birthday presents from Jake early (a hard case, memory card and cigarette lighter adapter for my camera!), so there was basically nothing special about the day. We were running behind, so we just drove and drove. That's okay, though... we had a great, easy-going day for Jake's birthday the day before, had a fancy dinner out and spent half the day at the birds of prey centre. Jake said it was the best birthday ever, which made me super happy.

If I get half a chance, I want to get through more EMG submissions. Poor artists! *feels horrible* But that's pretty hard to do at work, so it will probably have to wait until the weekend. And since we're back to housebuilding schedule, that might not happen either. Argh.

Off to write.
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