Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Well! How cool is that?!

More photos to come, and stories, too, but for now, I'm hipdeep in EMG catchup. Oy. Five artists added to PA already, and a handful of signature pages filed for EMG, some emails answered, some orders filled. Back starting to hurt 'cause this chair sucks twinkies, so I'm going to call it a day REAL soon here.

Saaay... what's the policy, do you think, on getting personal autographs mis-spelled? I ordered an autographed copy of Janny Wurtz's latest book, only to get it made out to Ellen Milton. Argh! Should I gritch? Send a bookplate to be re-signed? Ask for my money back? (I did pay extra to get an autographed, personalized copy, after all... but it was for a 'good cause,' so I'd feel grinchy doing that.) How disappointing! And I sent it by email, so it's not like my handwriting can be blamed.
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