Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


This is some of them.

Somewhere wandering through Montana. I drove the truck through some snow flurries in this area... first time driving with a trailer, and I was pretty white-knuckled in a couple of places.

Writing on Stone Provential Park is in southern Alberta, and has a forest of these cool stone 'hoo doo's. There were amazing petroglyphs and pictographs in some of them.

Leaving Writing on Stone, we caught sight of these furry little folks!

We got to the Alberta Birds of Prey Centre at *exactly* the right time and Jake got to catch a harris hawk.

Golden Eagle by the name of Sarah.

This guy is Alex, a burrowing owl. That's me. Jake calls this the three hooter picture.

This fuzzball great horned is about 2 months, just getting his flight feathers

A black bear. One of twelve.

Not the hottest pictures. He didn't want to stick around.


Liard Hot Springs is really heaven. Forget what you've read about fluffy clouds and harps, this is the real deal.

Just a rather ominous dark sky. I have some more on other cards still to download.

Me! Somewhere in Yukon.

More to come.

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