Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


5900 miles, three weeks (almost).

12 black bears, 11 bison, 6 moose, 1 elk, handful of antelope, dozens of deers, golden eagle and other birds of prey, marmots, gophers, 1 shy wolf, a few great mountain ranges, 200+ photos, and an overall great time.

It's not the first yet, so I'm not technically back. (Not planning to touch EMG today.) Going to play with photos. I LOVE my camera. Even got good ones in moving vehicles through windshields with a suprising density of bugs.

Many stories to tell.

It's still nice to be home on my beautiful land listening to a thunderstorm with the windows open.

Oh.. and I'm understandably overwhelmed by LJ posts, so please do let me know any news that I might have missed in my quick skim... any new engagments? births? exciting news? I hope that everyone is well and happy. :)

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