Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Brief post on TV last night.

I haven't read any L'Engle in a good long time, so I know my memory of this book is probably a little shaky. I remembered enough to be disappointed in the movie.

The movie is entirely Disney. New Disney. P.C., Hollywood Dramatics Disney.

Meg, being our heroine, is deemed too cool to wear glasses, no matter that her poor vision played a pivotal role in the book. A classy, tidy scene in a sterile eating room must have been too boring for the movie makers, because they added collapsing floors and fog and dramatic music and shrieks and really bad lighting effects.

As an interpretation of the book, the movie falls short. As a cheesy, fun Disney movie with lots of excuses for strange creatures and cool effects, it works pretty well. I was cursing my poor reception during the tesseract scenes, and there was a nice, family-friendly theme about seeing within.

The casting was very good, the acting passable. My sorest point was the writing. They drama-fied a lot of scenes that simply didn't need the action and glitz that they threw in. I'd watch it again but I doubt I'll buy the DVD. Three fairies.

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