Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million



Not ready to go, at all.

Yes, I'm packed, mostly, but completely stressed, and still have a billion little things to do that I don't have a comprehensive list for, so I'm near-panicked that I'm going to forget something important.

Cleaned the house last night, did laundry Saturday, wiped off my upload files this morning. (Carefully double-checking to see I had a copy of everything.)

Also burning personal files off of work computer and deleting like mad, which is always a little nerve-wracking. Did I *really* have a backup of that story like I thought I did? Is that print file really on my harddrive at home? Do I really trust that the disc I burnt will hold up? Do I trust that my webpage won't vanish on Dreamhost? I've deleted about 3 gigs of stuff already.

asathena, I'm so sorry I haven't gotten your PA piece up yet... I'm slammed and Jennie is too. Sooooon. I hope to have time today, but we're shorthanded at work so it might not happen.

Gotta reboot. *growl*

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