Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I am a mad submissions queen! Got through four or five or seven artists. (I can't count, I'm barely able to type after that...)

Two of 'em are new, and the rest just had to get updated contracts. Maybe I'll have a one month new-artist application window in the future, and get all of them done in one swell foop and allow established artists to submit more often. It's the setup that's so incredibly killer. (And it's not THAT killer, I just like to grouse when I have to remember to do more than three things)

I'm beat! Crossed everything off my list except ink. ARGH. Must order ink asap. And one email. But I did do the fastest print service turnaround yet and got AS's prints off this afternoon... she ordered this morning.

Blah blah blah more business droning boring details blah blah blah...

Tonight, I art. Darn it.

Oh! My darling sweet Jake got me camera accessories for our trip and my early birthday! Eee! An adapter so we can charge the battery in the truck and an extra card and the most awesome indestructible Bright Orange case. It's big enough to fit in an extra telephoto lens once I get one.

Generic journal entry closer here.

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