Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Prelunch rambles

It's always the last paragraph of these articles that hangs me up. Cheeseball, baby. Absolute cheeseball. Gotta get it in today, so come on already brain and give me something better!

Oh look, more flaming raging stealing angst on various groups. Yes, let's flame these rotten thieves ceaselessly at every possible venue. Let's get lots and lots and lots of hits to their site so that their embedded advertisers get lots of money, they get their cut, and they have positive reinforcement and lots of attention for their minor actions. Let's all act like asses so that they can whine about how abused they are. Yes, that sounds great. Everyone get involved! Protect your god-given rights (even though yours haven't been violated personally and you don't actually know any of the people involved and no one has or possibly would ever steal your work)... and look really classy at the same time!

Ahem. Yeah, personal peeve, sorry.

There's new pretties up at Portrait Adoption, more to come, as well, if Jennie or I get time today.

Back is in tight, nervy knots today, darn thing. Every so often I'll move just wrong and twing that nerve and have to bite something.


Raviolis for lunch. And a cold coke and some cheetos. And new Digger. Life is good.

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