Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Say what you mean, and when you're mean...

Three artists cleared out of the submissions queue. Two of 'em new, with all their accompanying baggage. I gripe, but really, I love new artists. If I didn't, I'd keep EMG small and exclusive and uptight and invitation only. I adore finding new talents and giving them a chance to sell their work on cool products. It's the next best thing to chocolate. And maybe Coke. I love the happy thank you emails, even if I don't answer 'em that week. Or month. Gah... stupid inbox. Wrote many emails today, too.

I'm forever feeling like I've said something dumb or unnecessarily cruel, which is part of my slowness with email ad submissions. If I *think* about what I want to say, and do a couple of drafts, it usually comes out right. If I just write quickly, it sometimes comes out right, and sometimes comes out something I really, super regret.

Once, years ago, someone accused Amy Brown of copying Brian Froud, and I posted some flash-reply about both of them lacking in creativity, which is silly. It was part of a larger point regarding creativity of poses. Really, there are only so many ways to put a fairy on a mushroom.

I have felt horrid for that post ever since. I tried to find the original post and delete my comment, but I never could. Year later, literally, I still feel rotten about that post and hope with all my might that Amy and Brian (or any of their fans) never saw it and it never comes back to bite me in the butt.

Man, my neck hurts.

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