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Midday ramble

Tonight I'm getting those catalogs mailed out... two full xerox boxes completely stuffed full. I'm going to have to swallow hard a couple of times writing the check for postage. And they're raising rates again! ARGH!


I'll survive. I always do.

Got two orders out yesterday... have two business messages I *must* answer tonight... 3 orders left to do... also must remember to eat more today. And do RWH calendar. *kicks self*

Still feeling horribly stressed and a little panicked. It's better today, though, and I got a Dear LM written during lunch and sent in. Also worked on 'Creative Spark' article.

It is a glorious blue day, and it chafes that I'm stuck inside.

Gette, I owe you a long letter and I'm despairing of actually getting it written; I got the card you sent, and it completely, totally made my month! I keep wanting to write you a decent letter thanking you, but I just *suck* right now, so you get a blurb in my LJ and my conscience is soothed about this (*holds finger about 1 cm apart*) much.

Sylver, ditto on owing a letter. Hopefully you got your check by now, and of course I never forget you.

Yasha, you are a doll. A complete doll. Thank you for always making that effort to cheer me up.

I owe more of you thanks and appreciation and hugs and support, and I hope you know that you are in my thoughts and heart, even when I'm too wrapped up in my own stress and selfish goals to tell you individually. I am rich for having you as friends.

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