Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


The sidewalk sale yesterday was pretty dead. There were about 20 people past my table all day, and 18 of those were other vendors. Still, sold ~$100 worth, met some interested folks, and tested out some new packaging and sales recording methods, so even if I hadn't been able to part anybody from their money it would have been worth it.

New packaging = many thumbs up. I'm going to have to start printing large prints in every spare second, 'cause I won't be able to keep them in stock. Particularly some of this new work coming in. Have got to get moving on the house so I can move my studio over here and run the printer in the evenings. New record-keeping also = many thumbs up. It's easy, I thought of a way to stream-line it further, and it will be fast, in case I ever do a high-volume sales event. The fair will be the real test.

Have been fighting a migrane since last night, and feeling really, really crummy about the artists I've been neglecting in the submissions queue. I have got to get through that more quickly. I would love to get through it before I leave, but I know the chance of that happening is close to the chance of finishing the house before we leave.

Am giving much serious thought to the idea about how to stabilize art and EMG income such that I wouldn't have to continue juggling as much day job work. Trying to decide if I have the discipline to give illustrating/freelance graphic design another shot. Thinking again, in a vauge way, about looking into being an agent. Dreaming about my studio in the forest. Jake asked the other day if we could convert this house into the central studio building we were discussing. We've long since decided we'll probably be building a second house in the woods, one with everything on one floor, further back in the woods, more private and with more windows. We'd always planned this house as a rental, but there are an awful lot of drawbacks to landlording.

Rambling. Head pounding. Distraction by blogging not working. Crawling back to bed with more icepacks.

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