Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

La la la...

Rush order out express mail, some emails answered. Bookmarks laminated, several sheets drafted, coffee imbibed, Twister half-eaten (I think the KFC manager has a crush on me...), mousepad pressed, and some adoption certificates received.

Busy morning. :)

Last night I got a buttload of stuff done. New cards laid out and printed, new bookmarks laid out and printed, mousepad printed, t-shirts laid out but not printed (ran out of time), three loads of laundry done, stickers and magnets made, cards folded and packaged, office cleaned up and prints packaged. Still no phone there, and the house is really embarassingly pittly. Mom and Dad might be back today or tomorrow, so I'm going to go by and clean it up a little this evening. Wish I didn't feel so much like it was my job. It really isn't. But I feel bad for them coming back to it the way it is now. Yucko.

Now, I need a coke in a baaaad way.

I'm re-writing Bigger again... third time's the charm? Except I think this is the fourth or fifth time. I've dropped a bunch of the excess plot elements I was going to use, and I think this will be a much cleaner, more punchy story.

Bitter people bum me out. Quit it! (edit: not actually aimed at anyone on LJ)

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