Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Art! Art! Art!

Okay, so maybe I'm a tad obsessed.

Had the afternoon off of the day job, and had the thrill and excitement of getting my annual female exam (yup, still a female), getting an I/M test and registering my car and going to DMV to renew my license. And hour in 'line,' (take a number and sit in a chair) which was just peachy by me, 'cause I remembered to bring art stuff. So I inked a pirate picture (need more pirate coloring book art, you pirate artists!) and worked on this:

It's only half-inked, obviously, and I had to ratchet up the contrast to get the pencil lines to show (the ink bits aren't that bold irl). Any suggestions welcome.

Orders worked on, emails worked at, t-shirts pressed, lunch with Melody and nice evening with the sweetie.

This morning, work is being so-so, and I feel kinda guilty for resenting it for taking me away from art so much.

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