Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

No whiners!

I promised myself I wouldn't whine this morning. 'Nuff of that already.

Have to re-press the t-shirts and mousepad that I did yesterday... one of the corners folded and one of the transfers touched itself while still melty-hot, leading to a great ugly mess. Shame, too... they were both *gorgeous* shirts... Seeking Shelter on dark blue and Unicorn of the Storm on purple. Someone's going to snap them up in the bargain bin.

I played with the dropdown menu on the contracts page a bit where I could make things look ugly for a while. Niiiiiice program. Haven't worked everything out, but it will make navigation nice and really clean up the pages. I think I'm going to get rid of the sidebar altogether. We'll see...

Got through some more submissions yesterday and set up a new artist.

Missed out on the art exchange for the Aussie fantasy forum! Possibly... there may be another straggler that I'll do a direct trade with.

MSOutlook's being a pain... (suprise) So glad I moved away from it for EMG mail.

Next order of business is to set up new artists to submit between printing and drafting tasks...

EMG Submissions countdown: 9 days!

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