Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


I am beat!

But I did get t-shirts and mousepads printed up to press today. I stood in the storage room and took a boggled look at the boxes and boxes and boxes of t-shirts and mousepads I've got and I really need to start printing them up and taking them around to sell wholesale. ASAP.

Feel a bit horrid for not working late last night at the day job... poor Craig stayed until 12:45 and Tom was here 'til 10:30. Must keep resolve not to let them yank me around. Sad fact of the matter is that the damn thing still isn't ready to go out... specs and other stuff are gumming up the works.

But I wouldn't have been much help in last night's state anyway.

Rargh! Must update wholesale page *today*. More important than getting new work up... requests piling up, which is good, no doubt, but also makes it shiningly clear how behind I am. I'm TAKING a day off this week, damn it. Thinking I shouldn't have spent Saturday arting, but still don't regret it a bit.

I need to draw more fairies. I just need to draw more. My art gland is unsatisfied.

And we're talking about how much work we have to get done on the house before October to roll it into a mortgage: plumbing, all finishes, wiring, appliances... I won't have any weekends from here on out.

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