Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The theme of Monday is madness.

It's a mad, mad morning...

(much craziness ensues)

Oh look, now it's a mad afternoon.

I look like a crazy lady. Going to the bathroom, I caught my reflection and had to question myself. I have taste. I even have good taste. I must just choose not to exercise it.

I am wearing dark jeans above my beige winter mocs. I am wearing the purple/teal/magenta knitted scarf that Sylver made me over a too-large beige sweater that doesn't match at all. Beneath that, but unseen, is the stainedglass-ish, art neuveau shirt that Jennie sent me, also no match in colors. My hair is pulled into a hasty bun at the back of my head and skewered with yellow plastic hairsticks with little sparkly bits, and my bangs are too long.

Alright! Bad Snowy got into my Epilogue gallery! I've submitted Watergazer, too. (Edit: it's already in! Hot dang! That took just a few hours...)

Last night, I stippled too long. I had agreed to a mystery art exchange with the Australian Fantasy Art forum, and had assured them I had something finished that had never been seen. Which, I discovered in horror, I did not. So I had to finish one of my rough sketches. Two hours hunched over a pad on my lap on the couch half-watching tv are not good for yon back. It woke me up several times last night. But I did like the piece I finished, and I wish like crazy I'd finished it 8 months ago... it has some flaws, but nothing too hideous, and it hangs together well. And it has lots and lots and lots of dots. I hope whomever gets it likes it!

Alright, back to bathroom layout drafting...

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