Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Work work work...

At work.

By which of course, I mean, how joyous and thrilling to be at work on a Sunday! Surely there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling! How I love to funnel all of my energy into a day job doing drafting, and on my weekends in particular! What better way to spend my time than working for The Man?




Friday night's dinner went far better than expected. Didn't know many people, but there was a silent auction. :) I bought a set of iron candle sconces ($15!), a purple angora sweater ($14!), a recorder and lesson book and a set of models for my dad. They're from the 70s, still in their original, unopened boxes. Becca got a beautiful print and... something I've forgotten. She won a toe ring as part of the table prize. :P The food was pretty good, if not in terribly generous portions.

Saturday I already posted about. Today, I work. And not on EMG like I want to be. *snarlroars*

No adoption certificates or agreements at the PO box today, which surprised me, though they did curl up and stuff in my print from Tracy Butler. (No damage, whew!)

How long does it take to get stuff into Epilogue? Last few submissions were a few hours, few days tops, but Bad Snowy's been in the queue for 6 days and had 5 views. Guess that means it's pretty borderline, so I'm not too displeased. Better than a rocket-fast rejection.

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