Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Morning not auspicious.

Got up at 6, Jake went to take his PE test at 7, I dragged to work shortly after (I usually start at 8:30, so this was fairly grueling). Worked on elevations (which are more fun than some things) all morning, AutoCAD crashed, lost hours of work, redid it in about 30 minutes (cause I'd already made all the mistakes once). Back not happy. I blame stress. And the kitchen at work is out of forks. Must eat ravioli with a spoon.

'Nother artist set up at submission site. Really need a web day. Or three. That's my Saturday plan, plus orders.

Tonight, dinner with my sister and her church group. Honestly, I'm not looking forward to it. I don't really fit in with those folks, and I'd rather sit in the basement and work on EMG. But, I should make a passing attempt at being social, and it will be good food. And I work all the time; a change of scenery for an evening will be good for me.

Am bummed 'cause I realized last night that I had done the unthinkable and MISSED Return of the King in the theatre. *facepalm*

*deep breath*

Well, anyway, it's not all bad... I think mostly I'm feeling twitchy 'cause I haven't had art time.
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