Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Got up earlier than usual this morning, gearing up for tomorrow, and it wasn't too painful. Dreamt about gigantic tomatoes, which I'm sure says something, but I'm not sure what...

Jake's taking the PE tomorrow, an 8-hour professional engineering exam, and he's very, very nervous about it. (Understandably so) I know he's going to do fine... he's a smart cookie and knows his stuff, but it's a Very Big Deal.

114 emails to answer. MUST work on them TODAY.

I got Wish3 off to Syl last night, all 16 or so copies. And now I'm going through my standard 'not good enough - she'll hate them - didn't do it justice - stupid perfectionist streak' phase.

I gotsa question for you folks...

I'd like to get word out to some art communities that the EMG submissions window is coming to a close. However, I'm awfully paranoid about not being labeled a spammer, so I'm trying to decide if it's classy to post a call for submissions at Woodchat, the Epilogue forums, and various such places. I'm not terribly active in these communities, so I'm not sure I've got the right to do so. My question is... should I? A follow-up question would be, would it be classier if some of you who *are* active in those communities passed a call for submissions on for me? And would you, if so?

EMG Submission countdown: 14 days!

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