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'Nother boring post of not much substance.

I've got the afternoon off to fill orders and work on EMG stuff. Tons of stuff to scan and post, some of very old. The non-static product/subject pages are da bomb. For sure. Lots more clicks to them than before, and much, MUCH easier than trying to get results for people searching for 'angles' and 'unacirns' and 'feries.' Reminds me, I should add angels to the subjects. I really need to work on the dropdowns, but I think new work is important first. And... lotsa stuff.

Woops! Gotta clean off the server... out of space again. Funny how quickly 50 meg print files add up...

I have absolutely nothing of interest to impart. No art time yesterday, just trying to get orders out and nephew-sitting. Jake and I went for a very long walk (5 miles?), which was lovely and sunny and windy, though my back protests it now. He offered to leave me and come back with the truck, but I stubborned it out. And the back doesn't hurt very badly, just sort of a 'remember me!' twingy thing. Shall ice for a while tonight if it hurts enough that I remember. Hopeful for art time tonight, too.

About time to scurry off...


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Apr. 13th, 2004 01:26 pm (UTC)
What's this non-static stuff you're talking about? Sounds useful, somehow.
Apr. 13th, 2004 02:49 pm (UTC)
It used to be that after I entered, oh, five or ten entries, I'd have to search for keywords and then cut and paste code onto all of the appropriate product and subject pages, which would then have to be re-ftped and rebuilt (big hassle). Now, the links on the sidebars don't go to these html pages that I have to update everytime I add something (though usually I didn't, so they were just out of date and lame), they just search for keywords that are already built into the entries everytime someone clicks on them. Yay! All the new entries show up automatically.
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